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West Kelowna, BC
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(formerly Mainline Mobile Storage)

Having been in the storage business since 1970, Western Storage is western Canada’s storage container specialist. With a fleet of storage containers located in nine locations across all four western provinces, Western Storage is positioned to easily accommodate your storage requirements.

Storage containers are a safe and easy way to increase your storage space. Our 20′ & 40′ storage containers are our most popular offers and are available at all our locations across Western Canada. The 20ft storage container provides 148 square feet, or 1159 cubic feet of additional storage space for your business. Western Storage also supplies 40 foot storage containers, providing 302 square feet, or 2364 cubic feet of additional storage space.

Storage containers are placed at ground level making storage convenient for a retail staff that may wish to access extra stock or stored decorations for Halloween or Christmas. Storage containers are highly favored by the construction industry because of the protection they give against the elements and thieves. Construction crews store heavy equipment and supplies in storage containers that are placed right at the job site, saving countless hours of moving this equipment to and from the job site.

20-containerStorage containers are ideal for other professionals including:

  • Manufacturing companies with “just in time” warehouses that fill up in a day when there is a blip in their supply chain
  • Mining & agricultural industries for storing equipment and supplies
  • Landscapers for storing mowers, aerators, and hand tools
  • Coaches or managers of sports teams for storing sports and playground equipment

The list of businesses that can use storage containers and what they can store in them is virtually endless!

Storage containers from Western Storage are transported by special tilt deck trucks or trailer units. Western Storage truck drivers pride themselves in the proper placement of the storage containers we rent and sell. Storage container placement is critical because once a container is delivered it typically will not be moved until emptied. At Western Storage, our policies prevent us from moving loaded storage containers.

Our storage containers are strong, clean and odorless, weather-proof, theft- and vandal-proof as well as resistant to pests such as rodents. With wide, easy to open doors, they are easy to fill up and unload.

Size/Type Exterior Interior Door Opening Weight (tare)
L W Ht L W Ht W Ht
20′ 20′ 8′ 8’6″ 19’4″ 7’8″ 7’10″ 7’8″ 7’5″ 5,160
40′ 40′ 8′ 8’6″ 39’5″ 7’8″ 7’10″ 7’8″ 7’5″ 8,730
48′ 48′ 8’6″ 9’6″ 47’6″ 8’2″ 8’10″ 7’8″ 8’10″ 9,760

* L=length, W=width, Ht=height.
** sizes and weights may vary from container to container.